Filing issues have been resolved.
Recent Updates

  • April 15 (r.842)
    • Updated filing process to work with changes made by the court system over the weekend.

  • April 12 (r.840)
    • Corrected issue with the multi-firm login tool
    • Corrected formatting issue with page numbers on continuation sheet on the Statement of Intentions

  • April 10 (r.839)
    • Corrected issue with Jubilee marking a case as filed when the filing in fact encountered an error.
    • Alabama Middle
      • Updated Chapter 13 Plan to revision from April 5th 
    • North Carolina Eastern
      • Unsecured creditors will default to unassigned rather than priority.

  • April 9 (r.838)
    • Added a new option on the Dashboard to display recently viewed/created cases by the entire Firm.
    • Fixed issue with column headers not adjusting after adjusting the size of the internet browser.
    • Arizona
      • Fixed issue with non-standard provisions on the Ch. 13 Plan.
    • Colorado
      • Adjusted logic on the local Trustee sheet form
    • Florida Northern
      • Added support for automatically filing remaining schedules on a emergency/barebones case (Case Completion).
    • Oklahoma Eastern
      • Corrected filing issue with the Fee Installment Application.
    • Rhode Island
      • Resolved filing issue with the court.
    • Texas Eastern
      • Corrected issue with creating the Case Completion Filing Event